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World - Copenhagen, Denmark

Bahima is a Copenhagen based band that plays adventurous and atmospheric music, which falls under the genre Roots & Hybrid with elements of oriental as well as western music cultures.

Bahima welcomes you into a mysterious universe which consists of colourful Danish lyrics mixed with odd time signatures and oriental scales supported by the evocative, Indian tablas, the floating, fretless bass and the emotionally transporting cello.

The band is formed by Barbara Mathiesen (vocals, guitar and piano) and consists of her Gabriel Svastha (tablas), David Slusarski (bass) and Amalie Askjær Staunæs (cello).


Their mission is to expand the musical horizon of the Danish youth by contributing to the understanding of how music can affect us as individuals, and what we can do with the music itself.

The following media is produced for the series "Higher Communication", a series of videos and songs that contemplate communicating with emotional languages.

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