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Alternative Rock Music

 Charly Nau – Vocals / Guitar

 Michael holt – Lead Guitar

 Alexander Noordegraaf – Drums

 Parviz Bagheri – Bass


Charly Nau, the lead singer, haunted by interdimentional monsters and practicer of pagan rituals. The bornholm backline, Michael (lead guitar) & Alex (drums) escaped a christian sect in 2003 and never looked back. Parviz from Persia, holds the bass down tight.

The band was originally formed 3 yrs ago, but came to an abrupt hold when former band members destroyed Charly's custom Telecaster after a show, needles to say he fired them all and was rendered depressed and incapable of playing music for 1,5 years. Now CHINADOGS are back and more powerful than ever, soon to record a re-debut.


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