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Copenhagen Art Puppies
Agency for Progressive Nordic Art & Culture

the Art Puppies (aka CAP), was formed as a collective by a group of determined artist's, working with different expressions within the realms of performance, film & sound. 10+ years of activities in the Danish art & culture scene's over the years, a collective of friends and professionals that naturally formed around the concepts and activities hereof, lead to the establishment of CAP, as a unique multidisciplinary incorporative of progressive expressions. in the world of music, film, performance & exhibitions. 

CAP now provides artist's with exeedingly experimental and otherworldly ideas, the possibilities to manifest them by the curation and independent productions that CAP provides.


CAP also serves as a booking agency. Providing full immersive solutions and events for Festivals, Sound venues, Theatres & Workshops.

Jonny Rottman 
Director & Booking Manager

The founder of ArtPuppies & the main tailor of the concepts

Artist in media and handcrafts. Tech. & Sounddesign. Musician, Eventmanager & Cultural-octopus.

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Sofie H. Johannesen
Production & Marketing

'Cand.scient.anth' in the field of Visual Anthropology

Producer, Filmmaker & Writer of documentaries, ethnographic and experimental films.

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