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Alternative Rock, Copenhagen, Denmark.

 Charly Nau – Vocals / Guitar

 Michael holt – Lead Guitar

 Alexander Noordegraaf – Drums

 Parviz Bagheri – Bass


Alternative Rock & live-Tattooing.


Charly Nau, lead singer, rythm guitarist and crazed frontman of Chinadogs is haunted by interdimentional monsters and a practicer of pagan rituals. The backline from Bornholm, Michael on guitar and Alex on drums, escaped a christian sect in 2003 and never looked back. Finally Parviz from Persia plays thundering basslines from the depths of hell.



Chinadogs was originally formed 3 years ago, but the project came to an abrupt end when the former band-members destroyed Charly's custom Telecaster after a show. Subsequently he fired them all, fell into a state of depression and was incapable of playing music for one and a half years. Now, with a highly anticipated debut release from the new line-up, Chinadogs have been raised from the dead.


Chinadogs play ferocious and raw alternative rock with influences from grunge, punk rock and 70s psychedelic rock. Alternating between weaving gentle bluesy soundscapes and hard-hitting biting distorted riffs and growls, the sound of Chinadogs combines several elements from the annals of rock-music in an integrated sound that is eclectic yet coherent. Never shying away from experimentation, they guarantee an energetic and joyful experience to whoever is daring enough to make it to one of their concerts.


As a complement to the universe, Charly sometimes brings his tattoo machine and decorates a member or two of the audience with a steady hand.


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