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the exhibition of NORTHERN ROUTES - copenhagen edition

The project 'On Northern Routes' is a nordic union of artist from Denmark, Iceand, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania & Latvia. The project explores the Nordic identity, based on human relations with nature in the Nordic and Baltic countries today. Hereby to emphasize the importance of our cultural heritage - traditions, beliefs and practices in a modern day-to-day life.

Over the last year, the artist collective with the support of Nordisk Kultur Kontakt and the Nordic Council of Ministers have travelled, researched and developed original artwork in each of the neighboring countries. The works are now finished and the plan is to assemble it in a large exhibition, which will travel to each country. The exhibition has already been hosted in Vilnius, Riga and Copenhagen.

Theese exhibitions provide space for an immersive sensory and cultural meeting between the discoveries of the artists, and the spectators that reach them both physically and emotionally through interactive works linked through illustrations, film, sculptures & soundscapes.

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