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Canadian musician, composer, producer and sound artist currently based in Copenhagen, DK.


His work as a solo artist explores the intersection of ambient and industrial music, blending organic instrumentation, digital manipulation and deconstructed elemental sound. The first release under his own name, ABSENTIA (Unit Shifter Records, 2017), is an immersive and cinematic album that weaves billowing layers of lap steel guitar, tectonic rhythms, and cascades of noise into a sonic tapestry of undulating texture and rhythm.

Tobias has performed and recorded extensively both as a band-leader and as a side-man, and his original music and sound design has been featured internationally in a wide range of media including documentary films, TV series, Augmented Reality artwork, advertising campaigns, art installations, commercial sample packs and onboard airplanes. Tobias is also the co-founder of “practice” (, a serial investigation of the transcendental properties of sound in the context of group meditation.

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