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The 1st. ever underwater-concert in the Harbour of Copenhagen.

On a cold September afternoon, in the southharbour district of Copenhagen, the CAP collective played a 3 set concert, fully submerged under water in full scuba-gear. The band consisting of two of our very finest musicians & a photographer, who also happens to have diving-skills.

Under the murky dark surface, 7 people are making bubbles and Experimental . Inside the venue there is a live feed from a gopro, that reveals the concert beneath. The 3 homebuild metallic mastodonts of instruments, were equipped with hydrophones(underwater microphones) so that everything was heard. Our dear artist's were submerged for more that 2,5 hours, and played an adrenalin-drived improvised set. Watch the video beneath made by our partners Kulturhavn 365. Also thanks to the music-venue Teglværket & the local divecenter

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