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Per Gerhard, (aka. Dødsprinsen, Gerhard MelodyMajor or His Royal Overdose)

is the writer to the music ofYahowa.

A trained artist (Royal Danish Art Academy from 2005-11) & multi-instrumentalist residing in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nothing is subtle about Yahowa. The universe is crafted with an excellent ear for a striking motif, in an authentic lo-fi no future universe, that is Inspired by the more subcultural genres like space-punk, noise rock, dope pop, satanic folk, black-metal, and the good old punk rock.

Five veterans from the Copenhagen underground scene fill the stage with a full sound, driving melodies and strong simple riffs. Born as a duo from the Royal Art Academy under the name"the Road back to Yahowa" the band now consists of;


Per Gerhard - vocals and guitar

Jack Giersing - guitar and keyboards.

Thor Vincent - drums

Rasmus Bauner - guitar

Rune Jakobsen - Bass

Yahowa - Steve copy (1).jpg
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